How To Dispose Of LED Light Bulbs Properly?

LED light bulbs are famous when it comes to lighting. People planning on upgrading their lighting system always go for these light bulbs. Because of its sufficient energy and long lifespan, it is very beneficial for people everywhere.

Unfortunately, you will not be able to use it forever. At some point, the efficiency will come to an end. What will you do during this time? Dispose of it and buy a new one?

That's great! But you cannot just throw the old one into the trash and get on with your life. Though LED light bulbs are not as harmful as CFLs, the knowledge about the way to dispose of this bulb should be known.

The reason is that it contains some toxic substances which are used for its creation. So, disposing of the bulb means disposing of the toxic substances also.

In this article, you will get to know more about how to handle the disposal properly.

Why Do People Use LED?

Light emitting diode, LED, is made without mercury. The lighting is great because of its good efficiency. Compared to the regular CFL bulbs; it is much cheaper. Just plug in the bulb and turn on the switch. You will see the room lightening up instantly.

In case of CFL or other fluorescent bulbs, it takes a couple of seconds to properly lighten up the room. In the upcoming future, LEDs will be in everyone's home. And you will not see regular bulbs during that time.

Ways To Dispose of Harmful Substances Present in LED

With many benefits, LEDs also have some drawbacks. But the good thing is that the harmful substances are not that dangerous like CFLs. LEDs contain some heavy metals like lead, arsenic, nickel and other hazardous substances. These are dangerous for your health and others also.

Along with that, these also pose a threat to the environment. The good news is that the intensity of these chemical substances is very low so the threat can be avoidable safely.

Use A Trash Can

When you see the room not lightening up as usual, and the lights got dimmer, it is time for you to throw it off. Do not throw it anywhere other than your trash can. Throw the bulb in a plastic bag along with other garbage's and wrap it properly.

Make sure the bag got no holes in it. Gently, put the bag into the trash can. If the bulb breaks, the container will protect it. As a responsible citizen, you should try your level best to make the environment clean as much as possible.

Hand It Over To The Recycling Company

A good thing about LED bulbs is that some of its components can be used again. Do not throw it away immediately, contact the recycling company. Let them visit your home or any place that the bulb was used.

They will check your bulb and will let you know whether it is eligible for recycling or not. If you do not find any contact number of the company, look at the website for any nearby recycling company.

Some of the sites let you chat with them directly. If you cannot do that, check their contact information. Make sure to look up for companies who are doing this recycling process for free. If you manage to find one, you are lucky then.

Use The Bulb Packaging

The original bulb packaging will come in handy when you are planning to dispose of it properly. Most of the packages come in like a box. The box is mainly made up of cardboard. These will keep the bulb intact, or if it breaks anyhow, the covering will protect the broken glass from spreading.

You can use the box for disposal or even hand the box over to the recycling company depending on the bulb’s condition.

Disposing of A Broken LED Bulb

In this situation, proper steps should be taken. Do not panic if the bulb breaks in your home or office. Wear a face mask or use a cloth to cover your nose from not smelling anything unusual.

Wear clean gloves and gently sweep the area where the bulbs got broken. Make sure there are no broken pieces left.

For your safety concern, use a tape and stick it to the cracked area. The tape will pick up the broken pieces that might not be visible to your sight. After this, put all the glass pieces and the used tapes in the plastic bag and throw it away.

Make sure to knot the bag tightly to avoid any kind of problem. These whole processes might sound scary to you. Do not be afraid of this. Because the substances present in LEDs are not very harmful according to the law.

Talk To The Supplier

This is a good strategy that you can use when you go to your nearby local store. While buying the new one, talk with them about the recycling thing. Some of the suppliers have connections with a recycling company.

You do not have to go through the hassle of calling or e-mailing/chatting with the company. Just take the old bulb along with you in the store when you plan to buy a new one. Give it to the supplier and be a part of the recycling process.

Make The Environment Greener

When you understand this whole disposal and other mentioned processes, do not forget to share it with your friends and families. Teach them the ways so that they can also contribute to make the environment greener. In this way, they will do the same thing to their close and known members also.


I hope this article will help you from the disposal problem that you might face when your LED light bulbs are broken or get old to use. Follow the steps correctly to ensure that you get your job done.

Do not harm yourself while disposing of. Take proper precautions while doing this. Save electrical consumption and make the world a better place.

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