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How Does an LED Light Bulb Work?

LED or light-emitting diodes are semiconductors which can easily fit into an electrical circuit. These bulbs will be used vividly in the future because they will be good for the environment and will also reduce cost. An LED carries electrical current in one direction, and it is mainly illuminated by the electrons roaming around the semiconductor […]

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9005 Vs. H11: H11 Bulb The Same As A 9005?

Modern cars are equipped with LED headlights because they provide much better visibility. In the automotive world, 9005 and H11 are two types of car headlight bulbs that exist. 9005 bulbs are brighter and can illuminate objects further than conventional lights. However, the downside is that they consume more power. On the other hand, the H11 […]

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How to Change a 2-Pin Halogen Light Bulb?

Changing bulbs is easy. That’s why we have all those funny changing a light bulb jokes However, changing a halogen bulb is not that easy. There are some factors to consider, particularly for your own safety. This article will teach you how to change a 2-pin halogen light bulb, the GU4 in particular.Different 2-pin halogen bulbs:1. MR8This […]

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Do You Need a License to Buy HVAC Parts? [The Ultimate Guide On Buying Them]

Being able to construct or repair things on your own is a liberating experience. Due to the abundance of DIY videos on YouTube and DIY websites, you can obtain parts for your HVAC machine. Although the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) implemented laws in 2010, buying air conditioning and refrigeration parts (such as refrigerants) is illegal unless […]

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