How Much Do UV Lights Cost for HVAC Systems?

The air inside your home can be equally or more polluted than outside, especially if your HVAC system is there for years or more.

So, whether it’s for protecting the family from microbes or you want to prevent them in the first place, getting a UV light for the HVAC system is highly recommended.

If you are concerned with how much do UV lights cost for HVAC system, the price ranges from $60-$300, depending on the type of light you use, its features, and other conveniences the light comes with.

As you have decided to get one of these, you better have a clear idea about UV or germicidal lights to make sure you invest in the right product for your HVAC system.

Cost of UV-C Lights for HVAC Systems

As I have mentioned earlier, the price would vary depending on a few factors. Not all UV lights are the same. These come in different sizes and shapes. Also, there are different types of these lights that are used to treat different issues inside an HVAC system.

There are two types of HVAC UV lights – coil sanitizing lights and air sanitizing lights. I will briefly talk about the types in a bit.

  • Coil sanitizing UV lights cost $60-$250
  • Air sanitizing UV lights cost $80-$350

Different lights would come with different features. For more features, you will have to pay more for the light. Basically there are four costs associated with germicidal HVAC lights: Fixture cost, installation cost, replacement lamp cost and energy cost.


Light Cost

Installation Cost

Lamp Cost

Energy Cost

Coil Sanitizing Lights



$10-$60 e

$15-$30 each year

Air Sanitizing Lights




$15-$30 each year

So, How Do HVAC UV Lights Work?

Fungal contamination inside HVAC systems is something that shouldn’t be ignored whatsoever.

Due to the moist and humid condition inside the unit, the system becomes the breeding house for mold, mildew, bacteria, viruses, and other microbes, which causes allergic rhinitis, hypersensitivity pneumonitis, asthma, and similar building-related diseases.

What a UV light does is it uses its ultraviolet light to kill these microbes, allergens, dust, etc. Also, the light prevents any organic build-up on the HVAC's coils or in ducts.

As these micro-organism build-ups are cleaned from the system, your HVAC runs more efficiently, causing less energy consumption. Also, you will notice the system no longer releasing odor ever since you install the light.

In other words, UV-C lights use their wavelength to kill and prevent infectious diseases and elements of diseases in HVAC units. This assures you of fresh and non-allergic air to pass inside the home.

Types HVAC UV Lights

As there are different types of microbes and micro-organism build-ups inside an HVAC system, there's no one UV light to treat them all. Each of the following lights provides the best results against specific opponents that the lights were designed for.

Coil Sterilization UV Lights

This is the most commonly used HVAC UV light out there. Among the two types, coil sterilization lights are the most affordable ones.

Similar to any typical stick type light, a coil UV light is mounted inside the return air duct. The light sterilizes the air handler or evaporator coil inside the system. It runs 24/7 and always shines directly onto one specific location on the coil to kill and prevent mold and bacteria from growing.

You will find these lights in both single and dual-lamp models in the market at different price ranges.

Air Sterilization UV Lights

This is the most effective UV-C light that kills the most types of microbes. The light is installed in the return air duct. It constantly sterilizes and kills airborne germs and mold when your HVAC system runs.

As an advanced UV light, it prevents mold from building up on the coil in the first place. Also, the light reduces the spread of pathogens inside the system.

Air sterilization lights are available in stick and U-shaped models. You will have to hardwire the light with the system as it only turns ON when the system runs. So, if you aren’t DIY installing the light, the installation cost will be a bit more for this option.

Are UV Lights for HVAC Systems Worth the Cost?

Apart from the cost of these UV-C lights, you will have to pay $45-$70 per year as energy cost and replacement bulbs when needed. The overall price factor is worth it if you or any of your family members have an allergy, breathing issues, or asthma.

If you are noticing more colds and illnesses that have to do with viruses, you would definitely need a germicidal UV light for the HVAC unit.

Final Words

If you have made it this far, you should have gotten an idea of how much do UV lights cost for HVAC systems. The price will vary depending on the model, shape, size, and features that the light comes with.

Be sure to run regular maintenance, replace the filter, and other related stuff to keep the HVAC unit running up to its full potential. Otherwise, just installing the UV light can’t serve you as you would expect.

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