10 Best H11 LED Bulb – Reviews & Guide of 2021

Imagine driving on a dark, foggy road at night and being partially blinded by the fog and partly by oncoming drivers’ headlamps. That is very dangerous and you know it, but that is exactly what other drivers on the road experience when you use bulbs that have blinding light.

H11 bulbs are a solution for this as they are able to light up your way with clarity and they do not blind approaching drivers. It’s not just other drivers who suffer, by the way – it’s pedestrians on the pavement. It’s little children crossing the road. It’s a frightened animal on the road.

Furthermore, H11 bulbs provide excellent illumination to light your way when you are driving during a foggy night.

There are several types of H11 bulbs: halogen, HID, and LED. The best H11 bulbs are the LED ones. They have fantastic energy efficiency and have a long lifespan. In this article, we take a look at the best H11 LED bulbs on the market.



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H11 LED Bulb vs Halogen

In a decision between halogen and LED H11 bulbs, go for the former, unless you are on a budget.

Halogen bulbs are cheaper, but they also have a shorter lifespan since they are far less efficient than LED bulbs. LEDs are more expensive but are in the long run more cost effective due to their long lifespan which ensures you do not have to replace them as many times as Halogen bulbs.

Halogen bulbs are for the less committed driver – one who drives during the day mostly, or who lives in a fairly bright area. Halogen bulbs have a short average lifespan of 1000 hours and so you will be back at the hardware store to buy a replacement before long.

Furthermore, owners of H11 halogen bulbs complain that there is a slightly irritating noise. They also note the excess heat produced by halogen bulbs.

LED bulbs consume less energy than halogen light bulbs and have a longer lifespan. For instance, as you will see, some of the best h11 LED headlights covered in this article have a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours.

10 Best H11 LED Bulb Reviews

1. ZDATT H11 LED Headlight Bulbs Fog Lights Conversion Kit

[easyazon_image align="center" height="500" identifier="B008BE04C6" locale="US" src="https://saazs.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/51Vome2xr3L.jpg" tag="saazs01-20" width="500"]

This headlight kit is great for upgrading stock halogen or HID headlights. It provides clear light, with an output of 12,000 lm (60000 lm per bulb). It is one of the brightest H11 bulbs on the list. The beam pattern that is bright and clear and has no dark spots – the light is not foggy. The bulbs are 200% brighter than halogen headlights, so this is headlight kit is an excellent replacement kit.

The kit features LED optics technology that enables the bulbs light up the road at a wider range, with a more average beam which ensures a safe visual experience when you are driving at night.

The headlight kit’s cooling system includes aluminum casing with high optical density and a powerful, built-in 12,000 RPM turbo cooling fan. The heat dissipation provided by the fan enables the LED headlight bulbs to attain an incredible lifespan of up to 50,000 hours.

The headlight kit is easy to install thanks to the all-in-one aluminum material and design. It is a direct plug-and-play replacement procedure that takes about 20 minutes. It does not require any extra operation.

It comes with three pairs of filters: cool white, amber, and light blue. Use these filters to DIY your car and give it a distinctive cool.

Highlighted Features:

  • Light output: 6000 lm per bulb (total: 12,000 lm)
  • Bright, clear beam pattern
  • 12,000 RPM turbo cooling fan
  • 50,000 hours lifespan
  • Plug-n-play installation
  • DIY your colors with 3 available filters

2. Cougar Motor LED Headlight Bulbs All-in-One conversion Kit – H11

Cougar Motor H11

This LED headlight kit features CREE LED chips with a high power of 60W per pair. This is a cool white 6000K headlight kit with high luminous efficacy of up to 7200 lumens per pair. The lights are super bright, far more efficient and brighter than halogen headlights.

The lights feature a good beam pattern which ensures clear light without any dark spots. It is not a foggy light.

The headlight kit has a whole aluminum housing TurboCool fan which is very powerful, operating, operating at 10,000 RPM. Excess heat is harmful, and the fan helps ensure that your LED headlight bulbs provide over 50,000 hours of continuous, bright light.

Installing these headlights is not too daunting. The process should be complete within about 20 minutes – plug and play.

Furthermore, the bulbs are able to work with the computer systems of most vehicles without producing any error.

Rainwater can be a threat – as well as the jet of water you direct at the car when hosing it down to wash it. This LED headlight kit features a rainproof driver. It also works underwater.

Highlighted Features:

  • Power: CREE LED chips with 60W per pair
  • 10,000 RPM fan
  • 20 min installation
  • 50,000 hours lifespan
  • Waterproof

3. VoRock8 R2 COB LED Headlight Conversion Kit


This is the best H11 LED bulb kit if you are looking for a small headlight kit. Its small size makes it possible to fit in most cars. Furthermore, installing does not require further modification on the headlight cover or housing. It features COB chip focused beam technology and produces a light pattern that has no dark spot.

The light output of the Headlight is 8000 lm. Since the kit features a pair of headlights, that means the output is 4000 lm per bulb.

This headlight kit is a great replacement for halogen lights. It applies to high beam and low beam headlamps as well as fog lights.

For optimal heat dissipation, the headlight kit features aviation-grade aluminum heat sink that is cold-pressed and a built-in 2-ball fan.

Highlighted Features:

  • Light output: 8000 lm per pair (4000 lm per bulb)
  • 6000 – 6500K white
  • High beam and low beam headlamp, fog light
  • Cold-pressed Aviation-grade aluminum heat sink with built-in 2-ball fan

4. OPT7 FluxBeam H11 LED Headlight Kit

[easyazon_image align="center" height="500" identifier="B00VNBDWPK" locale="US" src="https://saazs.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/512VxZya1vL.jpg" tag="saazs01-20" width="500"]

This headlight kit features a 360 degree approach when it comes to light output. In other words, it does not focus on the lumens only. Most bulbs rate light output with lumens – with such bulbs, higher lumens indicates more brightness. Those features make it one of the best led h11 headlights

With the OPTZ FluxBeam, however, light output incorporates all 3 components of light output which are responsible for the quality of light and the lifespan: lumens, lux, and CRI (color rendering index).

The headlight kit features 2 colors, with a beam that has no dark spots.

The FluxBeam H11 LED kit features ARC-LENZ OPT7070 automotive specific LED chipset as well as Arc-Beam v2 technology. This ensures it produces an ideal beam pattern.

Furthermore, it has an all new Roden LED driver which is redesigned both on the inside and out so as to capitalize on the ARC-LENZ LED chipset. Thanks to its deep crafted aluminum ridges (red in color), the new LED driver is able to maintain optimum operating temperature levels.

With this headlight kit, you can replace nearly all stock housing and sockets. Before you place an order, ensure that you confirm from your vehicle’s manual what bulb size you need. Options include high beam, low beam, and fog.

Highlighted Features:

  • 360-degree approach on light output
  • Features 2 colors
  • New Roden LED driver

5. BEAMTECH H11 LED Headlight Kit

[easyazon_image align="center" height="500" identifier="B07CJKKJBH" locale="US" src="https://saazs.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/51yBVhCxdEL.jpg" tag="saazs01-20" width="500"]

The BEAMTECH H11 LED headlight kit features the newest Korean CSP LED chips. These chips are double-sided and produce a light output of 8000 lumens. The bulb is super bright with an output of 4000 lm per light, which ensures you are able to safely drive at night.

It is a 6500 K headlight kit, Xenon white color, a much better choice than a halogen lamp or HID lamp.

This headlight kit has a long lifespan – as much as 30,000 hours. This is far better than halogen headlights, whose lifespan ranges between 450 and 1,000 hours. Each lamp has a power of 25W.

The driver is waterproof and the connectors are at level IP65. Level IP64 indicates protection against water projected from a nozzle – for instance, when you are washing your car.

The lamp has low heat, far less than HID lights and halogen lamps. This significantly prolongs the service life.

The headlight kit guarantees health and safety, since there is no high voltage and large current startup, and no electromagnetic radiation or circuit interference.

In most vehicles, this is a simple plug-n-play installation. However, headlight structure is different for different vehicles so not all will be easy to install.

This best h11 bulb provides a good light beam pattern – featuring a narrow strip light emitting surface.

Highlighted Features:

  • Korean CSP LED chips (double-sided)
  • 8000 lumens output
  • 30,000 hours lifespan
  • Low heat lamp

6. Hikari Ultra LED Headlight Bulbs Conversion Kit – H11


These are LED headlight bulbs are high-tech. they feature a uniform beam pattern. This pattern perfectly matches a halogen beam – it closely resembles the footprint made by a traditional best h11 halogen bulb. It is a precise beam pattern. As a result, the headlights provide good long-range visibility.

The bulbs have single-focus light output, with a 0.8 mm ultra slim design. This incredibly slim profile is similar to the filament of a halogen lamp. This single focus helps improve light utilization – it makes the light focus. It also increases the brightness of the light and deals with the problem of astigmatism.

The headlight kit (brightest H11 bulbs on this list) provides a maximum light output of up to 12,000 lm per pair. This is far brighter than halogen headlights. The Hikari ultra series LED headlight bulbs are among the brightest LED headlight and fog light bulbs available in the market. They provide more precise beam pattern hot spot than other headlight bulbs. These bulbs fit more vehicle applications than other headlight bulbs, and they use less wattage.

Highlighted Features:

  • Single-focus light output
  • Uniform beam pattern
  • 12,000 lm maximum output

7. SEALIGHT H11/H8/H9 LED Headlight Bulbs Conversion Kit

SEALIGHT H11 led headlight bulb

This headlight bulb kit has a good visibility – an output of 40 W and 6000 lm/pair (20 W, 3000 lm/bulb). The light is super focused, with a maximum output and wider, farther lighting area of 6000K for drivers who need to increase visibility during the day.

It is a plug-and-play headlight kit. The size is perfectly designed to fit in your housing – plug it directly into the factory sockets, with no extra modification on headlight cover or housing. In other words, no additional parts are required. The driver side you can install in a matter of seconds, but the passenger side will take longer.

The headlights produce a bright, clean light, white in color – one might say just shy of becoming blue. They are great as fog lights.

Highlighted Features:

  • Good visibility: 40 W, 6000 lm/pair
  • Plug and play

8. NINEO LED Headlight Bulbs – H11, H8, H9

NINEO 	H11 (H8, H9)

These headlight bulbs feature customized CREE chips. Each bulb is able to light up to 5090 lux and 6000 lumens at 6500K. The light produced is extremely white and has a perfect beam pattern. The light is about 5 times brighter than stock halogen, with 95% lower intensity.

Brightness is not the only attractive feature of these headlight bulbs. They also feature adjustable mounting. The design features 360-degree mounting collar which is fully adjustable. With these adjustable mounting, you can make simple angle adjustments to ensure proper alignment on the bulb mounts. This will help you get the best possible light output and beam pattern.

The headlight bulbs ensure 360-degree light distribution. They have an ultra-thin side design, where the LED side face has only 3.45 mm, and this ensures 360-degree uniform light. This light does not contain any dark spot. Furthermore, the viewing anger is wider. These two factors – uniform light and wide viewing angle – ensure your safety while driving in the dark.

Also featured is a coverless, dual ball bearing fan design which manages 12,000 rotations per minute. The fan is built with double folding copper core thermal heat sink (absorbs excess heat). Thanks to this fan, there is maximum heat dissipation, and as a result the headlights have a long lifespan of up to 30,000 hours.

Thee headlight bulbs are easy to install. The heat sink part has a length of 23.5 mm only. Installation takes only about 20 minutes, plug-and-play.

Highlighted Features:

  • Light up 5090 lux and 6000 lumens at 65000K
  • 360-degree, adjustable mounting collar
  • 360-degree light distribution
  • 30,000 hours life span
  • 12,000 rotations per minute fan
  • Plug-and-play installation

9. Alla Lighting H11 LED Fog Light Bulbs

Alla Lighting H16 H8 H11 LED Fog Lights Bulbs LED DRL

This is a set of 2 bulbs, with a light output of 1400 lumens per each H11 LED fog light bulb. The total is 2800 lumens.

Each bulb has a built-in intelligent IC driver and feature aviation aluminum material that ensures a high level of cooling and a super long lifespan.

They are both waterproof and have a IP67 rating, which means that they are waterproof. IP67 means the unit can be submerged in a meter-deep body of water for thirty minutes.

You can use the bulbs to upgrade your stock dim halogen or incandescent H11  fog lights or DRL lamps. This best led h11 bulb ensures a better luxury look and higher visibility.

The light bulbs have good heat dissipation, thanks to using heat sink. As a result, it has a long lifespan of up to 30,000 hours.

In most vehicles, these bulbs will only need plug-n-play, easy installation. However, some European cars or newer models may need you to install the load resistor or decoder so as to avoid the error coder or issues of blinking off.

Highlighted Features:

  • Built-in intelligent IC driver
  • Light output: 1400 lumens/bulb
  • Working power: 8.5 W
  • Voltage: 12 – 24 V
  • Waterproof – IP67

10. OXILAM LED Headlight Bulbs [Mini Size] All-in-One Conversion Kit – H11, H8


The size is 1:1 almost the same as that of stock bulbs, and you can directly replace for H11, H8, and H9 headlight bulbs. It is a all-in-one conversion kit with easy plug-n-play installation. Installation should take about 10 minutes.

The bulbs feature a double-sided design, with 6 pieces of chips per light. The light output is bright at 10,000 lumens 6000K white, about 200% brighter than stock bulbs. The light does not present glare to the opposite driver – furthermore, it has no shadowed areas or dark spots.

These headlight bulbs have an efficient cooling design that features special aluminum alloy shell and a powerful cooling fan. The fan produces a strong wind that dissipates the generated heat. Thanks to this heat dissipation, the bulbs have a long lifespan of up to 35,000 hours.

Highlighted Features:

  • Voltage: 12 – 24 V DC; Current: 2.2 A; Power: 26 W
  • Light output: 10,000 lm
  • IP Rate: IP67 (waterproof)
  • 10-minute installation
  • 35,000 lifespan
  • Cooling fan for heat dissipation

What Makes the Perfect H11 LED Bulb?

1. Lifespan

What LED bulbs have going for them is their long lifespan – the longer, the better. Some last 30,000 hours and some 50,000 hours. The energy efficiency of such headlight bulbs makes them environmentally friendly as well as cost-effective.

2. Fast Installation

The best H11 LED headlight bulbs are easy to install – plug-n-play. Look for lights that are easy to install and which won’t require getting professional help. Plug-n-play LED kits take about 20-30 minutes to install.

3. Clear Beam Pattern

The best H11 LED bulbs have a bright and clear beam pattern that contains no dark spot, not a foggy light.

4. Illumination

The best H11 LED headlights provide the optimal light output for safe driving at night. Bulb color is also significant.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Long Can a H11 bulb last?

It depends. If it’s a halogen bulb, that could be as low as 450 hours or as high as 1000 hours.

If it’s LED, it could be as high as 50,000 hours. This is why LEDs are a better option. An LED bulb which lasts 50,000 hours has a lifespan that is 50 times that of the halogen bulb that only lasts 1000 hours.

2. Can I replace my H11 halogen bulbs with H11 LED bulbs?

Yes, you can definitely change from H11 halogen bulbs to H11 LED bulbs. The LEDs are simply better on many levels. As we have noted, they last longer. Furthermore, they are ultra-bright, and they draw far less power than your typical halogen bulbs. LED bulbs are just more efficient. They are more cost-effective.

3. Are All H11 Bulbs the Same?

A: No, they are not all the same. While they are made for the same purposes, these bulbs will differ in various aspects such as the overall design and material used, color temperature and also the light output.

4. Is H11 Same as 9005?

A: No, the H11 can be used for low beam, high beam and fog lights while the 9005 is just a high beam bulb. But, both are single beam bulbs.

5. How do I convert my halogen headlight bulbs to LED bulbs?

  • Find out the headlight bulb type for your vehicle. The two types are: single beam bulbs and dual beam bulbs. You can check online, consult the vehicle owner’s manual, talk to the manufacturer through your local dealer, or take out a headlight bulb to read the bulb information.
  • Buy an LED conversion kit.
  • Unbox the LED headlight kit and confirm that it contains all the correct components. It should feature 2 LED bulbs, 2 ballasts, and wiring.
  • Remove the halogen headlight bulbs. Ensure you store the halogen bulbs in a safe place, in case you need them in future.
  • Install the LED headlight bulbs into the headlight socket, taking great care not to touch the LED with your bare skin. Secure the bulb in place by gently twisting it in a clockwise direction.
  • Connect the ballast wiring, with one end going to the new bulb and the other going to the original wiring harness.
  • Put on the headlights to check cut off position. If the position is high and likely to be in other drivers’ eyes, adjust it.
  • Secure the ballasts – use plastic zip ties or double-sided tape. Ensure the ballasts are safe from excess heat, moisture, and vibration.
  • Test the LED headlights.

Final Verdict

Note, however, that not all vehicles accommodate H11 bulbs. Therefore, before purchasing H11 headlight bulbs for your car, check to ensure the bulbs will fit in the sockets.

If your vehicle can accommodate H11 bulbs, go ahead and purchase LED headlight bulbs. If you were operating with halogen headlight bulbs, purchase an LED conversion kit, since LED bulbs are superior to halogen bulbs.

Take a pick from any of the ten H11 LED headlight bulbs featured in this article, basing your decision on your preferences or situation.

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