10 Best LED Truck Bed Lights – Expert Reviews of 2021

Want to put some lights under your tonneau cover? Illuminate the entire bed of your truck with the best LED truck bed lights and work after dark without holding a flashlight.

Having proper led truck bed lights will eliminate the need for a separate portable work light. As you know, cargo lights come standard in most pickups, even the newer ones are adequate at best.

Basically, one light in the back of the cab is the typical setup. If you have any amount of cargo in the bed or if you are looking for something near the tailgate that one light is just not going to cut it.

If you have installed any bed cover, it’s next to impossible to see anything because the bed cover is obscuring the light source. And that’s why you need aftermarket LED lights.



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There are a ton of led light kits out there, and different configs are going to suit different folks. Plus, with proper installation, they look cool. 

With that in mind, we have picked 10 of the best truck bed lighting system for those 3 am trips to the deer stand or whatever your job requires.

10 Best LED Truck Bed Lights

1. Nilight TR-05 60" 2PCS 60'' 180 LEDs Bed Strip Kit

[easyazon_image align="center" height="500" identifier="B07KXR799K" locale="US" src="https://saazs.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/51lcCBOcDL.jpg" tag="saazs01-20" width="500"]

Nilight, a brand that is famous for making quality, cost-effective, and innovative products. This white LED cargo light kit will light up the whole bed of your truck. Each LED has a 20 - 22LM brightness that outputs super bright white lights. This 2pcs 60-inch light strip uses 90PCS 5050-SMD LED chips has enough wiring to cover most truck beds.

However, you might need extra wires for a Ford F250 if you want to connect them to your cargo light switch. Installation is easy and might take 30 minutes to an hour, depending on your experience. Just whip the top of your side windows with alcohol, peel the 3M tape from the strip, and stick them on each side of the bed.

There are zip ties for cable management, and it also comes with extra mounting hardware. The LED strips are IP67 rated, which means the sealed housing will protect the lights from rain and snow. It also makes the lights flexible and super durable. If you are short of wires, don’t worry as this product comes with an extra extension wire.

It also comes with connection cables, 2-way splitter, and on-off switch. Just follow the instruction manual, and you will be lighting up the back your truck in no time. You can also use these lights on your side door and under the step bar.

Highlighted Features

  • Super bright white LED lights.
  • Installation is very easy.
  • 12V DC operating voltage.
  • IP67 rated for protection against snow and raindrops.

2. MICTUNING 2Pcs 60 Inch White LED Cargo Truck Bed Light Strip

[easyazon_image align="center" height="500" identifier="B01JUE9OLM" locale="US" src="https://saazs.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/51rDFiv5mcL.jpg" tag="saazs01-20" width="500"]

MICTUNING, another name brand that has been selling quality products while providing outstanding customer service. Just like the previous model, this one also has 90-5050-SMD LED lights for super bright light output. It’s a 2pc strip that’s ideal for RV Awning Light, side door lighting, step bar, and truck bed cover.

These LED chipsets have an IP67 for protection against raindrops, sand, snow, and strong winds. These are super durable lights that have a lifespan of 30,000hrs. Not only do these lights give you excellent protection, but they are also effortless to install. These soft lights come with extra ties and 2-way splitter cable.

These are 60-inch light strips, and as long as you have a 12V power source, you can mount them anywhere. Installation is also straightforward as they come with all the mounting kit you will ever need. The 3M adhesive tape is secure, and you will also get extra zip ties to hold the cables together. You can control the lights with the dedicated on/off button with blade fuse.

These lights aren’t custom made for any particular model, which means you can use them on any truck. If you have a hardcover installed, these will easily fit on the side rails. These lights are a great addition if you are looking to add some auxiliary lights to your truck bed, RV, boat, or trailer.

Highlighted Features

  • 90-5050-SMD LED chips for bright white lights.
  • Dedicated on/off switch with blade fuse.
  • Durable IP67 rated LED strips.
  • Up to 30,000 hours of running life.

3. Xprite RGB LED Truck Bed Lights Kit w/Wireless Remote Control

[easyazon_image align="center" height="500" identifier="B07L4T521F" locale="US" src="https://saazs.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/61cAdVV37OL.jpg" tag="saazs01-20" width="500"]

Spruce up your truck’s bed with some decorative RGB lighting kits from Xprite. It comes with 8pc RGB lighting pods. Each of these pods has four ultra-bright LED lights which make a total of 32 multi-colored lights. You can use the remote to control these lights and change colors instantly.

This remote has a 100 feet range, and you can use it to control the brightness. It’s easy to operate and has a fast response time. Not only do they look cool, but they are also very bright and eliminates the need to carry a portable work light or a flashlight when you want to take something out of your truck bed in the dark.

Installation is very easy. With each strand, you will get one long 21 feet power wire, and there is also a 2-feet wire between each pod. You can either control these lights via the remote or with the dedicated on/off switch. These lighting kits have a multi-color function.

It has two preset jump and fading patterns and four active sound modes. The color changes according to the sound. They also have four lighting effects and eight static preset colors. It’s a great kit that can be used indoors and outdoors. They are compatible with most trucks such as Toyota, Ford, Chevrolet, RVs, and SUVs.

Highlighted Features

  • Multi-color lighting function.
  • Easy to use remote control.
  • Very bright RGB lights with a lot of presets.
  • Long wiring leads for easy installation.

4. Xprite Led Rock Light for Bed Truck

Xprite DL-001-L3-W

Illuminate any space whether it’s your truck bed, the interior of your car, under the car, or foot wells with these decorative lighting pods. You will get 8 of them with each having three ultra-bright SMD LEDs. With a total of 24 lights, you can efficiently work in the dark, take your necessary cargo from the back without using any flashlights or portable work lights.

These are also highly weatherproof. With an IP67 rating, these strips can easily withstand harsh weather conditions like snow and rain. These pods are only 0.25-inch thick, and their unique design makes them easy to hide. Thanks to their rectangle shape, these pods provide plenty of light. This slim design makes them easy to install too.

For quick installation, there is a 3M adhesive behind each pod, and you can also fix them with screws. It doesn’t come with any remote control, but you will get a dedicated on/off switch. You will get 21 feet of connecting wire with each strand and 2 feet of cable between each lighting pods.

If you have a 12V power source, you can use these lights on any vehicle. You can also use them for garden lighting, cabinet lighting, or backyard lighting. These are 2835 SMD LED chips which will last for a long time. They can also be used under your tonneau cover.

Highlighted Features

  • Bright lighting pods that can be used as rock lights.
  • They can be easily mounted under side rails.
  • Highly weather IP67 rated LEDs.
  • Long wirings and comes with extra mounting kit.

5. LEDGlow 8pc White Truck Bed Cargo LED Lighting Kit


LEDGlow’s truck bed lighting kits offer great visibility at night. It’s an 8pc set, and each pod has 6 ultra-bright SMD LEDs. With a total of 48 SMD LED’s, you will have more than enough light to illuminate your truck bed at night. The low-profile pod lights are waterproof, and this kit comes with two separate strands.

The powerful 5050 SMD LEDs will glow in any weather condition. Whether it’s below freezing temperature or extreme heat, they are made durable. These lights have a pure white 5000K color temperature, which is a brighter version of white. This will give sharper and clearer detail, higher visibility at night and also enhance the look of your truck bed.

It comes with an on/off toggle switch which you can use to activate the lighting kit. It’s compact and easy to use. You can easily install it in your vehicle by connecting it with the 21-inch power wires that come with this kit. There are 2-inch of cable between the pods and 21-inch of power wire on each strand.

You can attach the pod via the 3M adhesive tape or by screwing them. Each pod has a thickness of .20-inch which is slim and won’t stick out. It’s an effortless installation process, and the kits come with everything you need to complete the installation process. In short, LEDGlow’s strip lights are great for people that want to spend on quality lighting kits.

Highlighted Features

  • Super bright 5050 SMD LEDs.
  • 5000K white color rating.
  • Smooth installation process.
  • Durable construction and highly weatherproof.

6. LED Lights for Truck Bed LED Lighting Kit

EXCOUP 5864161640

This truck bed lighting kit from EXCOUP comes in a set of 8 lighting pods, and each of them has six super-bright SMD LEDs. EXCOUP has increased the amount of LED lights per pod. Cheaper lighting kits have inadequate wiring, and most of them will only have 4 LED SMD. But this manufacturer took it up a notch.

They have increased light count; the width of the wire is also increased, and they are now more durable and safer. These light pods are also super long-lasting and flexible. These will last longer thanks to their IP67 rating. The pods are well protected and will continue to glow in any weather condition. Whether it is dirt, rain, or snow, they will keep shining.

If you have a 12V power source, you can mount them on any vehicle. These pods come with two separate strands, and each strand has four pods. There are 2 feet of wire between these pods, and each pod is only 0.2-inch thick. You will also get a 21 feet long power cable. You can also screw them down.

All the necessary mounting tool kits are provided. On the back of each pod, there is a genuine 3M adhesive pad to attach this pod. You can also attach them with the screws that come with it to reinforce the installation. Just follow the instruction, and you will have bright white lights installed in no time.

Highlighted Features

  • 20 - 22 lumens brightness.
  • Durable pod construction with an IP67 rating.
  • Six bright SMD LED lights on each pod.
  • Clear instructions and long wires.

7. Partsam LED Truck Bed Light Strips


Partsam is a popular brand in the aftermarket automotive parts industry. Their 8pc truck bed lighting kit has 6 5050 SMD super bright LEDs on each pod. The 48 LED lights will provide just the right amount of light so that you can easily find whatever you are looking for at the back of your truck. They are also waterproof and can be used throughout the year.

The double-sided 3M adhesive tape on the pods is super strong should be able to hold up well for a long time. You can also screw them down to further reinforce the installation. These silicon-build IP67 rated lights will prevent sand, dirt, dust, water, or snow from getting in.

You can wire them directly to your cab light. Any 12V power source should be enough to power them. Installation is somewhat easy, just remember that the black is the ground and the white stripe one is positive. For safety, you can also add a 20amp inline fuse.

You can connect them directly to a stand-alone battery but make sure you install a fuse in the line. Since this one comes with a switch, it will be pretty safe to do so. I haven’t found any specific lumen output rating, but they do seem bright to me. I’ve seen some pictures of people installing them, and so far, they looked brighter than expected.

Highlighted Features

  • Silicon built waterproof LED lights.
  • Brightly lights up your whole truck bed.
  • 60cm wires between each pod.
  • Very good after sales service.

8. AUTUNEER 60Inch LED Truck Bed Lights


If you prefer LED strips instead of pods, this is the one to go for. AUTUNEER’s 60-inch 2pcs bright LED light strips to come with 90pcs ultra-bright 5050 SMD LEDs per strip. These lights have a waterproof silicone housing that protects them from rain and snow. Thanks to its IPX 67 rating, you can expect them to run for 30000 hours.

For short circuit protection, these strips have an inline fuse which is a good thing because most led strip lights don’t have an inline fuse. Most of the time, you need to install them separately. It also comes with a dedicated on/off button with a blade fuse control installed.

This gives you the freedom to control the light and be electrically safe while driving. The sturdy adhesive tape on the back of these strips will be more than enough to hold these lights. You will also get zip ties to manage all the loose cables. Strip lights are easy to install when compared to pod lights. And you can literally use them anywhere as long as you have a 12v power source.

You can also use these lights for party, household decoration, RV awning lights, etc. These strip lights are resistant to cold and can be mounted anywhere. The super soft top can be useful in rugged places. So far, there isn’t a single bad review of this product, and all of the users were very pleased with its performance.

Highlighted Features

  • Long 60-inch led strips with IPX 67 rating.
  • Quick and easy installation.
  • 90pcs bright 5050 SMD LEDs per strip.
  • Strong adhesive tape.

9. Megulla Truck Bed Light Strips, LED Truck Bed Lighting Kit

Megulla MG-TBL100-CA

Megulla’s light strips are thicker than most led light strips found on the market and for a good reason. They work great and very easy to install. The piece is flexible and has strong 3M adhesive tape that will firmly hold these lights; however, you place them. The wires are long enough for most truck beds.

If you run short of wires, you can always buy them separately. You will get zip ties to secure the loose cables for proper cable management. The lights are pretty bright with a 6000K cool white color. You can run the power directly from the battery because it requires a 12v power source.

Each strip has 90 LEDs, which means you will get a total of 180 LED lights. The total output is 2400 lumens, which are very bright.  It comes with a dedicated on/off button, and if you wire it to your battery, you won’t have to turn on the parking lights to turn on your bed lights.

These are IP 67 rated lights with silicone waterproof housing that protect these lights from heavy rain, snow, sand, dirt, and dust. The average lifespan of these lights is 30000 hours, which I highly doubt they will last that long, but they are sure to last a long time.  

Highlighted Features

  • Impressive brightness with a total of 2400 lumens output.
  • Easy to install, just peel and stick.
  • IP67 waterproof rating.
  • Dedicated on/off switch with blade fuse.

10. 60" LED Truck Bed Light Strip


The last product in this list is RangerRider’s two-piece 60-inch long LED light strip. Each strip contains 90 5050 SMD LED lights. It’s a clear light strip that is two times brighter than a normal LED chip. These strips are also highly waterproof with an IPX 67 rating.

The silicone housing keeps them working and fully functional in any weather condition. Whether it is raining or heavy snow, you can expect a useful 30000 hours lifespan.

Just like the previous model, it also comes with a dedicated on/off switch, and for electrical safety, there is a built-in fuse control switch. The self-adhesive tape is very strong and will hold these lights up for a long time.

You can mount them anywhere you want. They will require a 12V power source to run. These are water resistant, cold resistant, super soft LEDs that are made for the rugged place.

Highlighted Features

  • Very easy to install.
  • Soft lining and strong adhesive tape.
  • Ultra-bright LED lights.
  • Can be mounted anywhere.

What to Look for Before Getting These?

No matter how you look at it, there are plenty of aftermarket LED strip lights and pods for truck beds. That’s why it is essential to figure out which model will work best for your vehicle.

If you want to get the best battery powered truck bed lights, make sure to follow this guide.


Before buying one, consider the truck bed length and where you will mount the lights. Some are long 60-inch strips while others are lighting pods with 4 or 6 LED lights in them.

Wiring will depend on how you want to connect these lights. If you run short of wires, you can always buy them separately.


Make sure the lights you are buying requires a 12v dc power source.


Most of the lights in this list are durable. They have a good IP rating. Make sure the lights are waterproof and weatherproof if you want them to last longer.

Some light will be shockproof as well, and those will be in a protective housing. You should always pay a bit extra to get this feature.

Size & Shape

By now, you will notice that these lights come in different sizes and shapes, and not all of them are made equal. If you have a long truck bed, make sure to buy 60-inch long strip.

If one strip won’t fit, but two. You can always add later to your truck bed. The pod style lights will have wiring between each of the pods.


The color tone will depend on the product. It is measured in Kelvin. Usually, most of the lights will have a cool white color tone. I prefer 5000K or 6000K color tone.

You can also choose to go with RGB lighting and show off different color presets with fading and jumping effects.

Warranty & Brand

Always go for the kit that comes with a long term warranty. And obviously, if you can effort then buy top rated brand product. 

How to Install Truck Bed Lights with Switch?

There is no single way of installing truck bed lights. It is because all vehicles are different if you feel like you don’t know what you are doing, ask professional assistance. Now, most of these lighting kits are very easy to install.


Before installation, it is recommended that you test your lighting kit for functionality.


Before mounting any of the truck bed lighting pods, be sure to clean all of the mounting areas with alcohol or with a 3M promoter.


After you clean the mounting areas, measure the length of your truck bed, and mark the location where you like to mount each pod.


Once you marked your location, you can begin installing the lighting pods. Simply pull the backing of each pod and press it firmly into your marked location.


Once you mount all of the pods, make sure to secure all the loose wires with zip ties.


Now that you have placed the pods and secured the wires press the lead wire through an existing hole and run them to the driver side of the vehicle.

If you are passing the wires through a bare metal hole, use a grommet so that the cables do not get pinched.

Once both wires are passed through the truck bed, route them along with the underside of the vehicle and into your truck's cab. Make sure to secure all loose wires.

Pull Wires

Now pull the wires to the point where you want to place the dedicated on/off switch. If you have auxiliary switches, you can wire the kit directly to one of them.

Strip Wires

After you run the power and ground wires, strip the ends and install the included spade connectors to each wire.

The three ground wires should all be installed to a single spade connector.


Connect power wires and source to switch. Follow the marks on the switch to determine where to connect each one.

Route the wires through the firewall and to your battery. Strip the end of each wire and install eyelets and inline fuse if you are powering this directly from the battery.

Make sure to install a 3mp fuse within 6 inches of the power source. Once the eyelet connectors are installed, simply connect them to the corresponding battery terminals.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Kind of Vehicle Do I Need to Install LED Lights?

You can use them on any vehicle as long as you get the right one and have a proper power source.

2. Are These Lights Legal?

No, but there are some restrictions and most of them have to do with colors. White lights won’t be a problem. But if you flash red, blue, or yellow lights, it might confuse people thinking you are driving an ambulance or fire truck.

3. Can I Install Them Under My Tonneau Cover?

Yes, they can be easily installed under a tonneau cover.

4. Should You Choose LED Truck Bed Lights That Change Color?

Color-changing kits are fun, this is a personal decision that depends on your main reason for installing aftermarket lighting. If if want to install the bed light for nighttime visibility, you don't need to spend extra cash for color changing light set. 

4. Are LED Truck Bed lights Against The Law?

No, exactly not like that but there are certain restrictions you need to be aware of like if lights flash red, yellow, or blue they could be confused with police, fire, and ambulance vehicles

Laws will differ from state to state, so if unsure contact your local transport authority.

5. How to Hardwire Truck Bed Lights

If you’re not sure where to wire the truck bed lights, you will get a lot of tutorial videos available on YouTube. For example, you can see this instructional video below from the LEDGlow brand which show exactly how to install their product. 

Final Verdict

It doesn’t matter which brand you choose to go with, make sure they are easy to install, has an excellent amount brightness, will last longer, and serve your purpose.

Not only do they provide light in the dark, but they will also make your vehicle look great. And that concludes our best led truck bed lights buyer’s guide.

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