10 Best LED Fog Lights – Reviews & Guide of 2021

Regardless of how much technology has improved, we still have to adapt continuously to an external element that escapes our control: Mother Nature.

It doesn't matter how far ahead you plan your next travel, or how ready you think you may be; if the weather decides to act mean that day, there's little we can do other than adapt and make the best with what we have.

If you're a regular driver, you'll eventually have to face foggy days. It is frustrating because it blocks our vision, but today we'll fight it off by buying the best LED fog lights.

This accessory will make our journeys easier than they were before during tricky weather conditions, like fog. No longer will you have to put yourself and your passengers in dangers.

Let's find out more about this accessory!



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What Color Lights are Best For Fog?

Driving through foggy roads is a dangerous activity that not many people understand. There's a reason why it has caused plenty of accidents in the past, and we should never ignore its dangers.

But you're here! Which means that you do care about your safety, and everybody else's, while driving during tough weather.

And that's good. Now, we reached another discussion that has been going on for many years: which light color is better for fog?

The answer to that question is very simple: yellow light.

One of the reasons why drivers prefer yellow over any other color for their lights is because it's easier to process it. Unlike blue, yellow passes through our retina faster, giving us a better understanding of our surroundings quicker.

Yellow lights, in general, improve our visibility during foggy days. It is a less frustrating color that doesn't produce that annoying glare we often get while driving through snow, or rain.

That's why yellow LED lights are better if you ever find yourself on the road with fog around you.

Our Best LED Fog Lights Reviews

With the following products, we'll give you a detailed review of the most relevant features they have to offer.

We've selected the top 10 offers currently available on the market, and each of them provides an outstanding performance not only through the fog but on the road, in general.

1. Nilight 18W 30-Degree Led Lights Bar 

[easyazon_image align="center" height="500" identifier="B00G620ZVU" locale="US" src="https://saazs.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/51Oqm2hZBL.jpg" tag="saazs01-20" width="500"]

Our first pick offers high-quality chips to enhance the performance of the LED lights. Through them, the bulbs are capable of producing bright white light. The concentrated beam works well illuminating the road ahead of us working at 1260LM lumen capacity.

The mounting pod is adjustable, giving you the option to set it up at 45-degrees, approximately. Because of that, there won't be any inconveniences when you have to make adjustments for different vehicles.

Like previous models from the brand, this one has the aluminum alloy construction for the housing, too. It is an efficient design to dissipate the heat, thus increasing the lifespan of the product.

Its longer lifespan is an enormous advantage considering that you can use it for a variety of purposes, and install it in many vehicle models. Of course, some might require more pressure or remodeling first.

However, it is not as resistant as other models, especially considering pieces like the nuts and bolts start to rust after months of use.


  • Produces bright light
  • Adjustable mounting
  • Proper heat dissipation design
  • Compatible with many vehicles
  • Low price


  • Not that resistant against water

2. Winjet WJ30-0125-09 OEM Series for Chevy Fog Lights

[easyazon_image align="center" height="500" identifier="B008SEM724" locale="US" src="https://saazs.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/51UynLJ3eML.jpg" tag="saazs01-20" width="500"]

If you need the perfect aftermarket lights for your Chevy vehicle, then look no further! This accessory is what you need.

These fog lights use high-quality materials for its housing construction. It is a design that allows it to withstand external elements, such as moisture or dust, issues that you'd have to face while driving on troubled roads.

Another reason why they are durable is because of the polycarbonate lens. It has UV protection and higher resistance against impacts.

Thanks to its high-quality housing, the bulbs are capable of fully concentrating the light and casting it on the road. All of which is possible without worrying about higher temperatures damaging them.

Regardless of the weather, these lights will enhance the visibility you need. It counts with the OEM approval, meeting and surpassing the OE standard.

For some vehicles, you might have to make some preparations before installing it. We experienced a recurring issue when we had to press and push the lights in to install them properly. It is not that easy to set it up.


  • DOT/SAE compliance
  • OEM approved
  • Enhances your vision through rain, fog, and more
  • Highly durable and resistant


  • Not the easiest to install

3. JDM ASTAR Fog Light Bulbs for DRL

[easyazon_image align="center" height="500" identifier="B00NJ3KYGU" locale="US" src="https://saazs.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/51Fc4cO2cRL.jpg" tag="saazs01-20" width="500"]

This set includes a pair of 2 bulbs, with ten 5W LEDs each. The color produced is a Xenon White with a 6000K capacity. Their size is 1.5-inch long, with 0.75-inch diameter for the LED parts.

The maximum capacity they operate at is 50W, with 10W minimum. It makes the bulbs a suitable choice for people that need incredibly bright light. You can use it for a variety of purposes, such as daytime light or to produce more visibility during fog.

One of the reasons we enjoyed this particular set of light bulbs is because they are the best fog lights for trucks we've found available. It complements with the aesthetics of these large vehicles successfully, giving them a better look overall.

They're affordable coming at a low price, and it doesn't take more than plug and play to install them.

An issue we faced was the scattered light. It doesn't have a steady patter once projected on the road, and it doesn't seem to be a housing issue, either.


  • Bright light
  • Perfect for trucks
  • Durable construction
  • High compatibility with many vehicles
  • Affordable


  • Scattered light

4. HELLA 005750971 500 Series Fog Lamp

HELLA 005750971

Most of the fog lights meet our standards by being light and compact accessories, but only a few manage to do that as well as our next pick does.

These lights are a perfect choice if you enjoy practicing off-road sports, but they will suit you well if you're only looking for more vision during those foggy days.

It features reinforced ABS material for the housing, with a combination of the bonded glass lens. This design gives it light weight, more resistance to impacts, and the high temperatures produced by the lamps, too.

Also, you can customize the lamp with the protective color shield laminates. They are available in many colors, like yellow and blue.

To install it, you can do it through an upright mounting process. It usually doesn't take much time if you have experience doing this type of activity. If you don't, then you're going to find out that the instructions provided from the manufacturer are awful.


  • Suitable for off-road sports
  • Lightweight
  • Resistant housing
  • Customizable


  • Terrible instructions for the installation

5. SiriusLED DRL Fog Light 

SiriusLED SiriusLED-BKH8

There's no denying that while the best led fog light bulbs should provide bright light, on some occasions, it becomes too much. It is an issue that we may not notice while driving, but other drivers coming down the road could have their vision compromised.

That's what happens with this set of fog bulbs.

Each bulb features six LED chips with incredible technology to project light far down the road. Undoubtedly, you won't suffer from lack of vision while you're using them during the night or going through foggy weather.

The installation process is quite simple, too. You only need to get the bulbs out of the package and plug them in. There's no more time-wasting doing something that shouldn't take that long.

These lights are not suitable to use with headlights. And, while the fitment size compatible with it are H8, it is better to consult with the manufacturer before purchasing it.

Our impression was that these lights could turn out to be a problem for other drivers because of its glare. However, if you're interested in brightness, these are the best fog lights you could find.


  • Bright, powerful light
  • The LED chip technology lightens up the road ahead
  • Easy to install


  • The glare could become a problem for other drivers

6. Alla Lighting  Xtreme LED Bulbs Fog Light

Alla Lighting

Even though having a multi-color light bulb doesn't do much in terms of visibility, it is always fun to have that option available. With these LED lights, you'd be able to do just that.

It offers three color options, which are 6000k for a xenon white color, another 3000k lighter amber yellow, and a final 8000k ice blue. This color diversity improves your customization capacities to make the best out of your travels.

An important thing to know here is that these bulbs don't have the beam function, which makes it not recommended if you want to use it as a headlight.

For the housing, it features aluminum materials that help dissipate the heat faster, improving its lifespan.

Also, the base of these light bulbs uses a material with flame retardant qualities to increase its heat resistance, avoiding possible damages.

Overall, there aren't many complaints about this product. We would've liked a little more brightness because it lacks in comparison to OEM fog lights, but it gets the job done.


  • Color diversity
  • Durable construction materials
  • Easy to install
  • Flame retardant design dissipates heat


  • Not as bright as OEM fog lights


YITAMOTOR 5559040164

Here we have a light bar that includes six high-intensity LED pieces. Each one burns at 3 Watts, making it a total of 18 Watts that provide 6,000k temperature LED color.

It is a lot of power that requires a suitable casing. Fortunately, it offers a die-cast aluminum to house the lights. This material withstands the high temperature by dissipating it, making the light bar more durable than others.

This LED light device comes with adjustable mounting pieces for you to customize and set it up as you wish. With these accessories, you're capable of adapting the lights to 90 degrees, approximately.

Furthermore, the lamp is capable of sliding once you finish with the installation. All of these features make changing the light direction much faster.

However, installing this light is rather complicated. It requires particularly tiny nut and bolts, which makes it difficult to set up.

When you get past the installation issue, you'll notice these are one of the best fog lights you could buy. It works well for plenty of off-road vehicles.


  • Six high-intensity LED lights
  • The die-cast aluminum material for the housing makes it durable
  • Adjustable mounting
  • Highly resistant to water, quake, and explosions


  • Difficult to install

8. Philips 12276 PSX24W Bulb


In a market that has seen many improvements over the last years, it is hard to find these standard bulbs somehow still making a name for themselves.

Under the first impression, we wouldn't blame you if you decide to pass along this bulb. But hear us out for a second, because it is here for a reason.

This bulb counts with DOT, SAE, and ECE approval, which makes it safe to use. It doesn't produce any harmful chemical that could endanger your health or create high-temperature accidents.

As an OEM replacement, there aren't many models that can compare to what this bulb has to offer. It is often brighter than previous fog lights from past years.

Another reason that got us to try it out was because you can fit it in many vehicles, regardless of their model. It doesn't require modifications, only to snap them in, and you'll be ready to go.

However, for how simple it is, we're not sure why it is available at such a high price. Perhaps because of its brand. Regardless, it is a bit disappointing.


  • Safe to use
  • A reliable OEM replacement
  • Has DOT, SAE, and ECE approval


  • High price

9. Nilight Led Light Bar

Nilight NI04-30W

When it comes to fog lights, there aren't many innovative features we can see nowadays. So much so, that the best aftermarket fog lights can do pretty much everything you could expect without spending too much money.

Nonetheless, the 3D projectors in this LED light bar are among the best things we've seen. It features advanced technology for the LED chips, which allows it to produce a more concentrated light beam, with more irradiation range, while still being soft and comfortable for the eyes.

Even then, it doesn't adventure far off from the standard aluminum housing. As long as it works, there's no need to change it, and it works successfully.

The only addition here would be the stainless steel mounting. It is an adjustable bracket that you can adjust to customize your vehicle without blocking the view.

Another feature worth pointing out is the fans, which are large and provide space to cool off the heat temperatures by dissipating it.

It is an outstanding product which the only issue would be not having a proper cutoff. While on the road, it could block the other driver's vision partially.


  • 3D light projectors produce bright light
  • Durable construction
  • Large fans dissipate the heat
  • Waterproof


  • It can blind other drivers 

10. AUZKIN LED Light Bar 


This light bar is the one you're going to need for those particularly rough weather conditions. We're not talking only about fog, but also rain, and many more.

That's possible because of its IP68 waterproof standard, provided by intense testing during many days before releasing it to the public.

It features a third-generation chip, categorized under the 5050-SMD LED products. This technology produces 6000K white and bright color, working at 240W and 24000lm lumens. With this light bar, there's no need to worry about having poor visibility on the road anymore.

The housing, like most high-quality fog lights, has aluminum material to guarantee its durability. It resists the high temperatures as well as water, snow, sand, and other rough weather.

It also succeeds in light distribution.  With 170-degrees of a floodlight and a 30-degree dual row spotlight, there's little to no area these lights won't cover on the road.

The only thing we didn't like was the mounting hardware. It doesn't maintain the lamp properly tighten, and you could detach it with your bare hands.


  • Highly resistant to weather conditions
  • Produces bright light
  • Durable aluminum construction
  • Proper light patter lightens up the road


  • Lacks proper installation hardware

What Makes a Perfect LED Fog Light?

To buy the perfect LED fog lights, keep in mind the following considerations.

Bright Yellow Light

Just like any other type of lighting system, LED fog lights must give you vision even during the darkest and awful weather. But it isn't only about casting light in front of the vehicle; it is about doing it efficiently.

You'll need yellow light produced properly both in front and on the sides. It sounds like a silly thing to bring up, but you'd be surprised to know how many LED light bars aren't capable of creating that perfect pattern on the road.

Proper Housing

The housing is the place that keeps the light bulbs. Of course, every time you turn them on, it requires a high amount of heat, and you'll need proper materials to contain it without suffering the consequences.

In most cases, the LED fog lights feature aluminum for their housing. This material has proven to be highly reliable in keeping the high temperature produced by the bulbs. Also, it keeps them from receiving external damages from water or impacts.

Comfortable for Everyone

While on the road, we have to remember that we're not the only ones out there. We recommend getting bright lights before, but you should always try to keep your lights from compromising the vision of the other drivers.

Adjustable Mounting

Some LED fog lights come with an adjustable mounting that you can set up and handle at your wish later on. With these mountings, you'd be able to change the light beam direction easier.

Easy to Install

Lastly, keep an eye out for lights that are easy to install. There are some occasions where you'd have to make modifications to your vehicle, or some other times where the manufacturers fail to provide the information you need to install it.

An easy-to-install LED fog lights will save you plenty of trouble and headaches.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are LED Fog Lights Plug and Play?

Fortunately, most of them are plug and play. A high-quality LED light bar won't require previous modifications before installing it, which is always a plus for inexperienced drivers dealing with a malfunctioning bulb.

But that's not always the case. In some instances, you will have to do more than plugging the LED light in the vehicle. 

2. Are LED Fog Lights Better than Halogen?

Yes, they are better. The reason for that is because LED bulbs are capable of producing the same, or even more, light than a halogen bulb while requiring less power to generate it.

In some instances, you'd be able to change a Halogen bulb of 50 Watt for a LED that only needs 7.5 Watt.

3. Are LED Fog Lights Any Good?

Well, yes, they are. Otherwise, people wouldn't bother buying them, and we wouldn't be making this article.

What makes LED lights better than most is their capacity to create a bright light to shine through the dark roads.

Even while working at high temperature, their housing won't suffer consequences from it. Most of the times, they use aluminum for the construction, giving them a high resistance to weather, temperatures, and impacts.

Final Verdict

Any of the products listed above, as long as it is compatible with your car, will give you the vision you need during those tough weather conditions.

There are many options available for you to choose, however, not all of them might be suitable for your vehicle, or they don't meet the expectations you might have for them.

However, now that you know what makes the best LED fog lights, and our top picks, choosing the right one for your vehicle becomes easier.

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